Amida Buddha – Pure Land Buddhism

Amida Buddha is known as the celestial Buddha known as the only Buddha who live in the Pure Land Buddhism. Amida Buddha is also known as the celestial Buddha who is described in the Mahayana Buddhism. Pure Land Buddhism is one of the most popular Buddhist traditions, that is the part of the East Asian Buddhism. Amida Buddha is also known as “Amitabha Buddha“. Amida or Amitabha Buddha is also the best known figures among Dhyani Buddha. Amitabha literally means “Infinite light” and that’s the reason why Amitabha Buddha is known as “The Buddha of Immeasurable Life and Light“.

In eastern Asian Buddhist countries such as China, Korea, worshipped and have high respect for the Amitabha Buddha. There are no. of Buddha statues made for their respect of Amitabha Buddha. Pure Land Buddhism is considered as the largest Buddhist schools in present especially found in the Asian countries. According to Pure Land Buddhist scriptures, Amitabha Buddha was once a king who reigns over the ancient kingdom and later renounced as a Buddhist monks and leave the kingdom for the sake of all the sentient beings to help them free from the misery of life, death, pain, ignorance, and rebirth. As becoming the monk, later he was known as Dharmakara which means “Treasury of Dharma” and was inspired by the Buddha named as Lokesvaraja Buddha.

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After five aeons of self cultivation of Dharma, monk Dharmakara attained the supreme Enlightenment after taking one of the most important transcendent vows Dharmakara became the current Amitabha Buddha. His tales flourished all around the world and one popular tale was with Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. It is believed that Bodhisattva got thousand hands and thousand heads from Amitabha Buddha.

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Amitabha Buddha is known for his mercy as well as wisdom. It is believed that Amitabha Buddha reigns over Sukhavati which is also known as Pure Land. It is believed that those who are reborn in Pure Land have the luxury to learn the teachings of Amitabha Buddha about Dharma and won’t reborn until they are ready to attained the Supreme goal of Buddhism i.e. Nirvana. In various representation of Buddha statues of Amida Buddha, the most popular is the representations of Amitabha Buddha with Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, and Bodhisattva Mahasthamprapta.


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