Shakyamuni Buddha

Shakyamuni Buddha also known as the Living Buddha or Gautama Buddha, had brought the teachings and texts of knowledge as well wisdom to teach to all the beings in the world and thus began the origination of Buddhism. Shakyamuni Buddha is also known by the name Gautama Siddartha. Siddhartha was the royal prince born in the kingdom of Shakya clan under the land of Himalaya i.e. lumbini. Lumbini is the birthplace of Shakyamuni Buddha and the truth that he was the Buddha born from the Shakya clan was the reason that Gautama Buddha was called Shakyamuni Buddha.

Prince Siddhartha spend most of his time inside the palace of Shakya Clan without knowing any pain, suffering as well as knowledge of outside world. In his late twenties, after his request to king Suddhodhana, the king accepted to let him go outside the palace. But King Suddhodhana also ordered the soldiers not to let him know about the painful things, old man. But nobody can win against destiny and Prince Siddhartha found out about the knowledge of pain, suffering, old age as well as death. After much thoughts, Prince Siddhartha decided to renounce his royal status and leave the palace even though he was the father of newly born Rahula. After accepting the ascetic life, Shakyamuni Prince left to gain the knowledge to escape the pain, suffering, old age and ultimate death but couldn’t find answer from many so-called religious teachers as well as religious practices. At the age 35, while sitting under the Bodhi Tree, of Bodh Gaya which is located in India,  Shakyamuni Prince finally attained Nirvana and become the Enlightened One.

After achieving Enlightenment, Shakyamuni Prince became the Shakyamuni Buddha and started to spread his knowledge of Dharma, Karma to all the sentient beings in the world and thus Buddhism started. All of Gautama Buddha teachings are important but some of the popular teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha are Noble Four Truths, knowledge of Middle way, Lotus Sutra etc. Shakyamuni Buddha is the most respected and known Buddha of all realms since the religious tradition of Buddhism started from Shakyamuni Buddha. Even though Shakyamuni Buddha forbid for any kind of worship on his statues, for his greatness, Buddha statues are being made from the ancient time. The Buddha statues of Shakyamuni Buddha are mostly different than other Buddha such as Maitreya Buddha, Laughing Buddha. The Shakyamuni literally means “The Sage of the Shakyas” and due to his clan name he was called Gautama Buddha in later years.


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