Moggallana – One Who possesses Supernatural Power

As mentioned in our previous posts, Sariputra was foremost in Wisdom especially Dharma and that is the main reason that Lord Buddha titled him “General Of Dharma“. According to the Buddhist history, Ven. Sariputra and Ven. Moggallana were the closest friends from their childhood. Along with Sariputra, Moggallana became the true pillars of Sangha during the lifetime of Lord Buddha. As Sariputra was foremost in Wisdom, Moggallana was also foremost in Supernatural powers, also translated as the manifestations of every materials who sheer powers of mind as mentioned in many religious scriptures.

Being foremost in supernatural Powers, Ven. Moggallana later separated himself from Lord Buddha and other Buddhist monks, to study as well as train his supernatural powers. According to Buddhist tradition, it is mentioned that during the event of Ven. Devadatta and Lord Buddha’s 500 monks where these 500 monks were influenced by Ven. Devadatta and leave Lord Buddha to learn from Ven. Devadatta. Later Lord Buddha sent his two most trusted chief disciples in order to help these 500 monks. These two disciples were Ven. Sariputra and ven. Moggallana. As learned from the history, Sariputra teach them the true meanings of Dharma and what it is needed in order to truly learn about Dharma where as Ven. Moggallana showed his supernatural powers to help these monks to understand the true meanings of Dharma as well as teachings of Lord Buddha. After that 500 monks returned back to Lord Buddha and started learning from these two chief disciples of Lord Buddha.

Moggallana and His mother

As mentioned in some part of history, Moggallana being foremost in supernatural powers excluded himself to learn and master his supernatural powers from Lord Buddha and it is said that this training took place in Jetavana Monastery (not proved). After mastering his supernatural powers, Moggallana tried his powers in order to truly helped his deceased mother. After looking for so many years, Moggallana found out that his deceased mother was suffering in the Hungry realms demons. Using his supernatural powers he tried to provide large amount of food to her. Even though she was overjoyed by the food, she was in even great pain because whenever she puts the food in her mouth, the food would burst in the flame and inflicting great pain to her deceased mothers.

Later Moggallana asked assistance of Lord Buddha in this matters and Lord Buddha replied him
“Your Supernatural powers cannot atone for the sins that your mother had committed. Seek all the monks and make offers. Seek help from them and ask them to pray for her mother. Only their prayers can help your mother to be free from the realms of hungry demons.”

And Moggallana did as Lord Buddha asked and his works bear fruit and the monks delivered his mothers. After that Ven. Moggallana attained Enlightenment nearly in same time of Ven. Sariputra.


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